As the premier Oklahoma engineer products provider, Am-Tec LLC seeks to bring global manufacturers together to meet the most demanding customer requirements from within our industry today.

We have the experience, knowledge and professionalism in place to ensure the best selection and most timely delivery of valves, instrument and process products.

Consider Am-Tec to be your first-stop for all your valve and project requirements. We are always ready to immediately make it a priority to give fast response to customer calls and support project quoting requirements with strong competitive pricing, selection and specification assistance. We stock a large number of products to meet project demands including

valves in materials A105, LF2, 316/L and exotices. When you partner with Am-Tec, you will learn firsthand that we make a commitment to not only stock valves, actuators, instruments and process controls, but to also provide you with the necessary sizing criteria, documentation, control logistics to meet the most demanding requirments.

We do a lot out of our Tulsa headquarters, but you deserve a lot. Contact Am-Tec today to speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable professional engineer products providers!

Being helpful is what we do here at Am-Tec ...



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Global supply that meets the demands of the industry.