The Y-Type Strainer is the most common and economical type of strainer for permanent applications, suitable for liquid, steam and gas mediums. There are many types of strainers from Permanent- in cast or fabricated to temporary strainers (cone and basket). Due to the compact and low weight construction the easy and quick cleaning are Y-Type Strainers used in manifold manners like Pump protection, equipment protection, and other uses where a strainer can be used to protect an item downstream.

At AM-TEC Controls, we pride ourselves not only on the top brands we carry, but also on the variety of products and brands we enable our customers to choose from. Our ability to consistently obtain full access to a broad array of strainer types and sizes makes AM-TEC uniquely able to deliver the most custom, specialized solutions to our customers.

Cast Y Strainers and Fabricated Strainers – Titan



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